FHA/FHA High Balance

FHA loans are a HOT topic in today's market.  Since the availability of Sub-Prime loans has been phasing-out, FHA loans have been playing a significant role as an affordable alternative. 

FHA loans are government insured loans and offer a variety of options for fixed-rate and adjustable-rate-mortgages including:

- Rate and Term Refinancing: reducing your interest rate as well as shortening the term of your             mortgage!

- Cash-out Refinancing: Refinance the house and take out a lump sum of cash to use at your discretion for payment any bills that may have piled up!

- FHA will purchase loans up to 97% Loan-To-Value!

- Streamline Refinancing: allows you to refiance your home without an appraisal. Refer to the page on FHA streamline for more information.

- Reverse Mortgages:  Allows homeowners 62 and older to covert the equity in their home to a lump sum to pay off thier mortgage and provide the borrowers with extra cash.

Some of the benefits of FHA loans are:

- Low interest rates, even with poor credit scores
- Credit scores as low as 540
- Cash-out up to 95% LTV
- Up to 6% seller's concessions on purchases

The FHA High Balance loan allows home buyers to get into homes with much less cash versus "Agency jumbo" or "Conforming Jumbo" loans. FHA loans look at the overall credit character of your file, not just your fico and require just 3.5% down payment vs the Fannie Mae minimum of 10% down.
 FHA high balance loan limits for a single family dwelling are $729,750. FHA High Balance is a great option for someone with a valuable property that wants the stability and reliability of a government insured FHA loan. Also since it is FHA it will not have the inflated interest rates that other jumbo loans have.

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"Working with Scott has been a truly satisfying experience. He went above and beyond to get us to settle on my refinance and cleared all those hurdles that were in our way. Thank you so much."
Christa Bahre

"Brian, I want to thank you for the wonderful gift! It is so useful and I appreciate it so much. Most importantly, I want to thank you and your staff for the effort you put forth to see that my re-financing went so smoothly. It has given me great peace-of-mind to know that I don';t have to worry about the interest rate going up on my mortgage. Scott was wonderful to work with, so pleasant all the time and eager to answer all my silly questions, not to mention how hard he must have worked to get me the best deal. I would certainly recommend Serenity to anyone interested. Hoping you and your staff have great success in all your endeavors and I';m sure you will."

"Brian and Serenity were great to work with. They not only delivered what they promised, but at the end, our rate was actually lower than they originally quoted. I highly recommend Serenity First Financial and Brian Oates".
Angie J.

"I am SO thrilled about how much money we are saving (nearly $400/month) after refinancing that I';m passing on my neighbor and loan officer's information! Steve is a great guy and he worked with us over the last few months- constantly monitoring home prices in the neighborhood and interest rates to get us the best possible situation. I couldn';t be more pleased!"
Kristin N.

"Thank you so much for all your help and little clip below. Sorry for delay reply. This is a very cute way of letting us know that the loan is clear to close. It is very cleverly expressed. Please note, we are very happy with all your service and promptness of your reply. Thank you so much for keeping us informed on every step of the way...you are such an ASSET to Serenity First Financial LLC. and I am sure your company recognizes that!
Best regards!"
Mahendra and Rameela Patel

"I couldn';t have asked for better service than what I received from your organization. I am so relieved to be free of the ARM mortgage. Scott, you were with me every step of the way, any time I had questions; I really appreciate you."
Marilyn Winstead



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